There’s an Iraqi Character on Lost?

It turns out I’m way out of the loop once again. Why didn’t somebody tell me there’s an Iraqi character on the TV show Lost? He seems to be really interesting, too, according to this and other fan sites. Kind of a professor-on-Gilligan’s-island slash McGyver type of character, but with a tortured past that keeps him from taking charge of the whole damned island.

I’m not the type who gets bent out of shape when an actor plays a different ethnicity. The Iraqi character, Sayid Jarrah, is played by a British-Indian actor, Naveen Andrews. They spelled his name weird, though, at least according to Wikipedia. The Arabic it gives for his name is سعيد, which I would transliterate as Sa’id or just Said. Maybe even Saeed. But Sayid seems like it ought to be spelled سيد. But nobody asked me.

Now they’re already airing the fourth season and I’ve never seen an episode and I’ve resisted watching it so far, and now I hear that there’s an Iraqi character. Which of course makes me want to watch it. What to do?



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2 responses to “There’s an Iraqi Character on Lost?

  1. Rob

    All the back episodes are available on!!!
    (or Netflix)

  2. It turns out I couldn’t get past the first season.

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