What Doughnut am I?

You Are a Caramel Crunch Donut

You’re a complex creature, and you’re guilty of complicating things for fun.
You’ve been known to sit around pondering the meaning of life…
Or at times, pondering the meaning of your doughnut.
To frost or not to frost? To fill or not to fill? These are your eternal questions.


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2 responses to “What Doughnut am I?

  1. Bryan

    So, I’m a lowly glazed donut, but, you know, I’m fine with that.

    I listened to Appropriate Music…. woooo. Being raised on Star Wars, I was going to joke that the Imperial March was the music, but had no idea. P-rice-less.


  2. There’s room for all kinds doughnuts in the big doughnut box: glazed, chocolate, jelly-filled… All we can do is be the best doughnuts we can be.

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