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With President Bush’s ongoing visit to the Middle East, I became curious about his entourage. I did a little Googling, and found this site, which shows he has over 650 people with him. I read somewhere else that there are over 200 members of the press with him, as well.
In Dubai they declared a national holiday so that they could shut down all the streets for the sake of his security.
In Jerusalem:

More than 10,000 police officers will be out on the streets of Jerusalem during the three-day visit, which begins at midday, in one of the largest security operations in the city in years.

Still, police were taking no chances and were planning on closing central Jerusalem streets an hour and a half before Bush’s entourage was expected to pass and towing cars parked on a dozen city streets along the route.

In addition, the main highway from Ben-Gurion International Airport to Jerusalem will be closed for about an hour as Bush’s entourage heads to the capital shortly after noon.

Residents are being asked to avoid the area for three days!

The Jerusalem Police chief urged city residents to avoid the central Jerusalem areas where Bush will be staying for the next three days, adding that police were trying to “reduce to a minimum” the expected inconvenience and traffic jams for the city’s 750,000 residents.

When Saudi Arabia’s King ‘Abdallah visited Britain last year, he took along an entourage of about 200, using 5 large jets to transport them. Here’s what the Telegraph printed about the size of his entourage:

Dr Youssef Choueiri, who teaches Islamic studies at Manchester University, said: “The enormous entourage, the things they carry around with them — this is the trademark of the Saudi Arabian royal family.


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