Contemporary Arab Art

Fann 3arabi - Arabic Art

So many months of searching, and I’ve finally found a site about contemporary Arab art. I hope I can find more like this.
I’m adding this link to my blogroll. Enjoy.


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7 responses to “Contemporary Arab Art

  1. Thanks a lot for this 🙂
    I hope Fann 3arabi stays up to expectations!

  2. Bryan

    Wow. I really enjoyed the graffiti artists and the link to the Arabic Typography Project.

    Here’s a contemporary Syrian calligrapher that you might enjoy– Khaled al-Saai. His work is creative, colorful, and blossoming from training in calligraphy and painting.

  3. Wow, that is really nice. Thanks for posting.

  4. Khaled Al Saai was featured in the first post of Fann 3arabi which was back on my blog – he’s definitely amazing but unfortunately he took down the website he had up hosted at his university’s server.

    Here’s the post mentioning him:

  5. marina bargnesi

    ma voi conoscete fathi hassan.. è uno tra i piu grandi artisti medio orientali di sempre

  6. there is a lot on contemporary Arab art and artists on the internet, from both within the Arab world as outside, of the Arab artists in the Diaspora. On my own blog (most articles in Dutch) I spend a lot of attention on artists from the Arab world. Here is one article in English: . Within this article you find many links to oyher articles, websites, etc. on Arab art in general, on individual artists, on artists from a specific country, or related themes. But there is a lot. See for example this beuatiful site of ‘Word into Art’ of the British Museum:
    Or the extensive documentation on the website of the Darat al-Funun in Amman, one of the world’s most interesting museums in this particular field, see
    Look also for the sites of the biennales of Cairo and Sharjah. Really, there is a lot,

    kind regards
    Floris Schreve

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