“Qatif Girl” Rape Victim Discussed on Islamic Forums

Whoa. I found this forum thread where the Qatif girl rape case is being discussed. http://www.gawaher.com/index.php?showtopic=120652.html&

Sometimes it’s interesting to see the other point of view. If you’re interested in that, here are people defending the Saudi judges, the Saudi judicial system, and Shariah law.

The truth is that the media has slandered the good character of the Islamic judges in Saudi Arabia. The entire case has been hyped up and taken dramatically out of context by the West and the lovers of the West (i.e. the secularists within our own ranks). In this article, we shall–with the Help of Allah Almighty–reveal the hidden facts about the case and thereby exonerate Islam from the charges levied against it by the forces of Taghoot.

That last word there means a few different things, but basically, in this context, Satan.

No other religion besides Islam has ever placed such a large emphasis on the protection of women. It is known that the early Muslims even raised an army to bring to justice those who raped a woman; such was the attitude of the Muslims towards the heinous crime of rape. In one of the Prophetic traditions, we read:

A woman, in the life of the Messenger of Allah, [left her home] intending to go for Prayer [in the mosque] when a man seized her and had sexual intercourse with her, while she let out a scream [for help]. The man fled, and she told a man what had occurred. A group from amongst the Muhaajireen (i.e. the first group of Muslims) were told of this and they chased the man down eventually capturing who they thought it was, and took the man to her. She said that it was the man who did it to her. They took the man to the Messenger of Allah, and asked “who is the man who did this to her”? The man confessed saying, “I am the one who did this to her, O Messenger of Allah!” The Prophet Muhammad said to the woman, “You can leave, for Allah has forgiven you (i.e. absolved you of all sin)!” The Prophet said to the man, “Your words are sound.” So he said regarding the man who had raped her, “Stone him.”

I don’t doubt that a rapist who confessed in person to the prophet was punished for rape. However, it takes eyewitness testimony from four men to convict a man of rape in many countries under Shariah law.

So the one who says that Islam lets rapists go free is a liar, because the Prophet himself sentenced the rapist to stoning. Likewise, the one who claims that rape victims get punished in Islam is also a liar, because the Prophet exonerated victims of all blame, and this 1,400 years ago when it used to be common to blame the woman for such things!

In the Qatif girl case, she didn’t get punished for being raped. She got gangraped and then harshly punished for having been in a car with a man not her husband and not a close relative. (And not her driver).

The liars at BBC have endeavored to make it seem as if the woman was simply punished for being in a car of a man; what a boldfaced lie! By this lie, the Western media has made it appear as if the Muslims would punish someone for such a seemingly menial crime. And yet, they have hidden the greatest fact of all, which is that the woman was having an illicit affair on her husband, and at the time of the alleged rape, she was in the car of the man with whom she was having an affair with! The Qatif adulteress confessed to having an affair on her husband, and this is all in her sworn testimony.

Maybe so. But I doubt it. The woman and her lawyer deny that she ever confessed to having an affair. Her husband believes her.

Then there are a few paragraphs about the fine distinction between different shades of adultery, including flirtation. I can’t copy and paste them selectively. If you’re interested, I recommend reading them.

Here’s a nice defensive slam at westerners:

We Muslims are not like the Westerners who are–with a few exceptions–immoral fornicators and adulterers. Even though their own religious book condemns such things, they themselves are a society which revels in these things. Famous Western researchers, such as Alfred Kinsey and Glass & Wright, found that adultery occurs in 50-80% of all American marriages! And this propensity of Westerners to betray their spouses is one of the causes for their skyrocketing divorce rates and their broken home syndrome. Al-Hamdu Lillah, our Muslim children are obedient to their parents, and they are not rebellious like the Western children; and who can blame their children for acting that way when their parents are immoral fornicators and adulterers? We can open up their own Bible to point to verses in which God Almighty threatens damnation upon such nations as the people of Sodom; and this will be the end of the Western nations because they have slipped into a state of moral decadence and depravity.

Well, I can’t deny everything he’s saying here. However, I bet he’d be amazed to find out how much adultery is going on in Saudi marriages.

The next poster quotes some verses from the bible that, frankly, don’t make Christianity look like the religion of forgiveness. Then he slanders the Qatif rape victim with elaborate accusations of adultery. But then comes the really bad part. This person claims that the rape victim was not ever raped; rather, she was found by a group of good Muslim men and offered to service the lot of them so that they wouldn’t tell on her. But they refused her offer.

The group of men deny raping her. According to them, they caught the Qatif woman in the car with her clothes off. They caught the two lovers in the act, and she was–by her own admission–fearful that the men would inform her husband of her betrayal. This is where the story differs between the woman and the group of men. The woman claims that the men proceeded to gang-rape her. On the other hand, the men claim that she offered herself to them, in exchange for their promise to keep quiet on her affair. And the men claim that they refused her offer.

Huh? Wait a minute. What is this here?

The group of men accused of rape deny raping the Qatif woman. They claim that she offered herself to them in exchange for promises of silence; however, none of the men admitted to accepting her offer. A few of the men admitted to witnessing the rape, but none of them admitted to the actual rape. It became a circular accusation, whereby each man claimed innocence and put the blame on the other men. As such, it became impossible to tell which of the men were guilty and which were innocent.

They all deny raping her, but some admit to witnessing it. How can they have witnessed a rape that didn’t happen?!

Actually, the rest of the post is actually a very thoughtful analysis of rape and the difficulty in proving it. The more I read, the more reasonable it seems.
They’re saying that the Qatif girl didn’t report the rape until three months after it supposedly occurred. So of course there’s no evidence. The accused rapists recanted their confessions of having witnessed the rape. The Qatif girl denies ever having admitted to pseudo-adultery.
Hmmm. Makes you think.
On second look, there are three posts in the thread and they’re all by the same guy.



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4 responses to ““Qatif Girl” Rape Victim Discussed on Islamic Forums

  1. kaz

    Anyone who is interested in listening to the other side of this story should read with attentiveness. A blatant ‘exposee’ of the media who are constantly trying to misrepresent the Islamic shariah and Saudi Arabia in the eyes of the world.

    Why doesn’t this seem surprising as once again an oil rich country comes under attack for “barbarianism” and “Injustice”.

    The Hidden Truth About the Qatif Case: Response to “Rape
    Victim Gets Lashes”

    In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the
    Most Merciful.

    Recently, the fervently anti-Islamic and
    secularist newspaper, Arab News, published an article claiming that a rape
    victim was punished with lashes in Saudi Arabia. The news was immediately picked
    up by the Western media outlets, including BBC News, and soon the issue became
    an international affair. The international media used this news report as a means
    to disparage the Muslims by claiming that Islamic law was unjust and barbaric.
    The heretics (i.e. the Rawaafidh) used the incident as a means to fan the flames
    of sectarianism, lashing out at the Sunnis of Saudi Arabia, referring to them as
    “Wahabis”. And sadly, many Muslims themselves fell into the trap and believed
    the lies levied against the Saudi judges (who are Ulema).
    Allah Almighty warns the Muslims:
    “O you who believe, if a wicked evildoer comes to you with
    a news report, look carefully into it to verify the truth, lest you harm a
    people in ignorance and afterwards feel remorseful for what you have


    The entire Qatif incident is very unfortunate, and it is
    unclear the level of guilt or innocence of the woman and the alleged assailants.
    However, the judges did the best they could, given the scenario and the evidence
    presented to them. Either the involved Ulema will get one or two rewards for
    their Ijtihad. We seek refuge from those Taghoot who use this incident as a
    means to attack the sacred Shar’iah, as well as those whose only aim is to
    increase sectarian tension.

    May Allah Almighty unite our hearts upon the path of

    Article Written By: Ibn al-Hashimi,

  2. Thank you for your comment, Kaz. It was really long, so I removed most of it, but interested readers can click on the link to view the whole thing.

  3. enviweeds

    Hello. It is test.

  4. Look no matter your religion or country rape happens. And the way rape is define in the “west” (im guessing USA, right?) is intercourse without the others consent. In other words having sexual acts by physical force or verbal threat. And why are “western children” so un-obedient? B/c tghey speak their mind. Don’t tell me that all people in the Islam religion obey their parents to the word. Kids will be kids. And divorce in the “west” (again im guessing in the USA) is b/c women have the right to leave a man if she feels it is not a healthy relationship i.e. abuse, cheating or whatever. And America publicizes that information. Go ask women who are under Sharia Law how happy they are. Yeah, its not publicize at all is it! Please, like Islam women want to be barefoot and pregnant. Not hating on Islam but those who take advantage of it in Allah’s name. They are not true Islamist. So don’t go and hammering the “west” (who are the west by the way….Mexico, Chile, Panama, Honduras?) and putting Sharia Law on a high platform while you preach hate. We are all human and want the same thing. This world is a better place because of people in the USA. USA is a melting place of the world. Every nation is in the USA. Tell me who is American? Go ahead and tell me…..ok

    Back to the story. A man was stoned to death for a confession of his rape doing. Does a life have to be taken away for that? Yes it is wrong. And women do deserve protection from such people. (People, did you hear that PEOPLE). But she was rape. Punishment should be given to the man but not death. Yes she is going to live with that the rest of her life but she can overcome it (many have), but nobody should stop breathing for doing such a thing. Go ahead and say F-K USA or as you say the “west”, in your own ignorance.

    And may God, Allah, Dios or whatever language speak lead us to unity as a whole in his creation!!!!

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