A Tale of Love

I hate to let three days go by without posting anything, but I’m having a dry spell and therefore resorting to this story from September of this year about a billionaire Arab prince marrying a waitress.


And when Natasha Aliyeva was told to take an orange juice to Sheik Saeed bin Maktoum al Maktoum in the £450-a-night presidential suite of the Hotel Minsk, just over a month ago, she could never have imagined how her life was about to change for ever.

To cut a long story short,

Within hours of meeting the young waitress, however, the bearded prince was besotted – and surprised to find Natasha’s father was also a Muslim.

He twice postponed his onward trip to Cyprus because of his infatuation with the teenager, and, after asking permission from her parents, married her in a simple ceremony on August 27, less than a month after they had met.

Her mother weighs in:

She is also, however, reported as saying: “I see that my girl is happy. So is my new son-in-law. And that’s the really important thing for me.

“I see he’s an honest, intelligent and tactful man with an excellent education. His fortune doesn’t interest me. I’m not a woman to exchange my daughter for money.

“I don’t believe Natasha cares about his fortune either. She fell in love with him for his soul. I’m sure of it.”

And her father:

Natasha’s 51-year-old father, called Muslim Aliyev, is a joiner who lives in a nearby tenement with his new family and had no such qualms.

“Look at my name,” he said. “I understand Muslim ways. I was one of the first Natasha told and I was happy for her. It’s not every young woman who has the chance to marry such a man. I didn’t mind that he is polygamous.

“It’s not like the old days. He made it clear that she won’t be locked up when he’s with his other wife. She will continue her education and I am sure she will visit us often in Belarus.”


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