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Another Early Brush with Middle Eastern Culture

The fabulous Harryhausen movie The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad. I still like stop-motion animation better than most computer animation. In my opinion, these special effects still hold up.
This Sinbad movie features a very bland-looking protagonist. For that matter, the helpless female and evil magician are both pretty bland specimens. Who ever heard of a clean-shaven villain? Where are the mustachios?
Look how useless female characters used to be in movies. Sinbad’s fighting a skeleton with a sword, and she runs along after them, with her hands to her mouth.

“Oh no, this is horrible! That undead skeleton warrior might kill my this plasticky-looking guy who came to rescue me. He might make good husband material. Oh, if only I were a man, I’d pick up one of these heavy, iron things lying around this room everywhere and hit that skeleton with it. Or maybe I’d hit the magician, since he’s clearly controlling the skeleton. But I’m a girl, so I’ll just stay helpless and try to stay in the shot.”

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