Saudi Girls Can’t Win

Dating is not just frowned upon in Saudi Arabia, it’s illegal. It sometimes happens anyway. After all, it’s an extremely young country (50% of the population is under 21).

Since human nature is the same the world over, Saudi boys have a low opinion of the very girls they date, saying they would never consider marrying a girl who would be willing to date them.

Dating, in the conventional sense, is illegal in Saudi Arabia, but the video shows young men discussing their views of the young women with whom they interact. These informal (and in fact, technically illegal) dates usually involve a meal or coffee at a local restaurant whose family sections provide a rare public venue for young men and women to interact.

Perhaps because of the Saudi notion that “good girls” stay away from boys until they go through the social and religious customs that typically culminates with marriage, the boys in the video speak with distain about the girls they know, even denigrating them and generally saying they would never consider marrying these girls.

Girls in the Saudi society are under a more intense spotlight when it comes to their relationships with boys. The latter have more freedom in their lifestyle, as the video illustrates, and they are most of the times not blamed for engaging in relationships with girls. This disproportionate pressure on girls follows them into adulthood. The young men in the DVD were judgmental about the girls they know, but not of their own behavior, which is as much a violation of Saudi social standards.

The DVD of the interviews includes some findings from the survey showing that most of the boys interviewed would not consider marrying the girls they date and three out of four said the criteria for a wife is different than that of a girlfriend. Nearly half of the boys said they had a girlfriend by high school; three out of four said they hang out with more than one girl.


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One response to “Saudi Girls Can’t Win

  1. lulu

    well, it’s true that dating in saudi arabia is prohabited beacause the religion of Islam .
    but if you looked at it from other point of prespactive you will dafinatly understand why..
    the most important thing that Arab cares about is girl’s virginaty if she lose her virginaty before she got married it’s going to be a huge problem ,and one of the biggest reasons that leads to losing the virginaty is dating .
    so that’s the reason .if thr girl lost her virginaty her family reputation will be destroyed. beacause if the girl lost her viginaty that mean’s ahe comit adultry and that’s forbeddin ,illeagal.aginst the religion . so they cut the hole way from the start which is dating . got it??

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