YouTube is Awesome

And so are a lot of the people who post on it. Someone was nice enough to post this video of Iraqi singer Ilham al-Madfai singing his song Doctor, which would be good enough in itself, but this also has the lyrics in Iraqi Arabic so that you can sing along (and learn some Iraqi dialect)!
Actually, the video component is just the lyrics; you don’t actually see Ilham al-Madfai or any graphics other than the words streaming across the screen.

YouTube user Qasimlo is to thank for posting it. Thanks!



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2 responses to “YouTube is Awesome

  1. Roy

    Seems sort of Sesame Street. I won’t be a-huntin’ any Ilham al-Madfai music anytime soon. Nor would I hire the people who did those graphics. Sorry — it’s a two star song and video.

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