Iraqi National Anthem

Sung by Ilham al-Madfai! His voice is so gravelly and soulful and distinctive.
This is the national anthem adopted after the fall of Saddam Hussein, it’s called Mawtani “My Homeland.”
Based on the comments on YouTube, there’s some controversy. Some Iraqis prefer the old anthem and didn’t a see a need to change it. And this one was written by a Palestinian around 1934, which apparently irks at least some people.
Hearing Ilham al-Madfai sing it, it sounds beautiful.
Here’s the Wikpedia page with lyrics in Arabic and English, and at the bottom of the Wikipedia page is a link to a website where you can find Ilham al-Madfai singing it, again.

There were several versions of this on YouTube. I think I might like this one best:

If you’d like to search on the Arabic, try الهام المدفعي


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