Show: Aliens in America

I haven’t watched it, but this review makes it sound likes it worth a look-see.


“We have the opportunity to spend the year in the presence of a real live Pakistani who practices ‘Muslimism’,” says the perky Wisconsin high school teacher.

“Raja, you are so different from us – how does that feel?”

Raja is at a loss for words. He didn’t come to America to highlight the differences or widen the divide.

The teacher turns to her class, “How does everybody else feel about Raja and his differences?”

One girl offers, “I guess I feel angry because his people blew up the buildings in New York.”

Raja tries to protest, and gets scolded in return. “In America, we raise our hands before we speak,” the teacher says, and then asks the rest of the class whether they agree that Raja is responsible for blowing up the World Trade Center. The students, observing the classroom etiquette demanded by their teacher, all raise their hands and politely label their new classmate a terrorist.

I know that Pakistanis aren’t Arabs and can’t exactly justify including this in my blog, but Arabs in America are certainly facing the same thing.


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