Online Fatwa Reference Site

Saudi Arabia has launched an official web site for fatwas. Story here:

DUBAI (AFP) – The highest religious authority in Saudi Arabia, where a strict version of sharia, or Islamic law, is applied, has launched an official website for fatwas, or religious edicts.
The site ( aims at providing “quick access to fatwas on an official website,” says a committee for research and edicts affiliated with the Council of Senior Ulema (Muslim scholars), which operates the site.

Wikipedia lists another dozen fatwa sites for fans of the fatwa.



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2 responses to “Online Fatwa Reference Site

  1. imran

    WHERE? WHICH website? There is no mention of this website address anywhere! Such an important website with no link to it and i cannot find it in google or any search engine.

  2. The website is mentioned, it’s, but apparently it’s no longer functioning. Maybe it’s only down temporarily.

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