To Beat a Dead Horse

One more article on the Khalil Gibran academy in New York:
It’s the same old thing, but I singled out this quote for ridicule:

The coalition has gone nationwide as the Citizens for American Values in Public Education (CAVPE), claiming that its mission is to halt radical Islamist agendas in curricula. “We do not oppose teaching of Arabic in public schools,” says Stuart Kaufman, president of CAVPE. “But we are at war with a branch of Islam, [and] a tactic they intend to use is education and the inculcation of children. Look at the madrassas in Pakistan. The fear … is not ill founded.”

We’re at war with a branch of Islam? What branch is that, the terrorist branch?

Is this nutcase seriously afraid that a publicly-funded and administered school in New York city is going to be teaching children nothing but memorizing Qur’anic verses, like a “madrassa” in Pakistan? I’m more afraid of what children in Kansas are learning about evolution.


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