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New Cartoon, New Death Threats

Remember a year or so ago when there was a big uproar about some cartoons published in a Danish newspaper? Several offensive cartoons were published, then some people with bad intentions added even worse ones to the batch and circulated them around, and before long a lot of Muslims around the world were demonstrating and boycotting Danish products. There were incidents of real violence. It was a bad scene.
In July of this year, a Swedish cartoonist drew and a Swedish newspaper published a new cartoon intended to be offensive to Muslims (the prophet Muhammad’s head on a dog’s body), for the sake of making a point.

Vilks, who is a known proponent of institutional art, has stated that his original intention with the drawings was to “examine the political correctness within the boundaries of the art community.”

He indeed angered some Muslims, but this time around the reaction has been strongly-worded protests from various nations.
As for violent nutbags, al-Qaeda in Iraq’s leader, ‘Umar al-Baghdadi, has put a bounty on the cartoonist’s head.
I will also be mentioning this on my “nonpologies” page, since

Sweden has told Pakistan it is sorry if the publication hurt Muslim feelings.

Story here: http://www.thestar.com/News/article/257463


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