Dead Language

Here’s a little funny for all the linguists out there. It’s very short, only 11 seconds.



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2 responses to “Dead Language

  1. Roy

    I got the message, “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available.” Bummer.

  2. I just found that out, too. I am royally bummed, because it was really funny. I’ll try to recreate it in words.
    Professor Farnsworth, a 160-year-old scientist and inventor, is showing his laboratory to his 13-year-old clone, Qbert. Qbert points to a funny-looking machine and asks what it is. Professor Farnsworth says, “That’s my universal translator. It translates every language in the universe. Unfortunately, it only translate them into a dead language.”
    Qbert tests out the machine by speaking into it.
    Qbert: “Hello?”
    Machine: “Bonjour!”
    Professor Farnsworth: “Crazy jibberish!”

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