More Explanation about Houris

From this site, at Living Islam:

“The noun “hur” — rendered by me as “companions pure” — is a plural of both ahwar (masc.) and hawra (fem.), either of which describes “a person distinguished by “hawar”, which latter term primarily denotes “intense whiteness of the eyeballs and lustrous black of the iris” (Qamus).

Black eyes are pretty. I posted the above quote in the hopes that I will seem like less of a weirdo for posting photos of good-looking men with very dark eyes.

On a related topic, it seems that people have been wondering what females have waiting for them in Paradise, since the men have those luscious virgins waiting for them. The same article has this to offer:

2- Why would the Qur’an frequently mention a sexual reward specific to men in Paradise and never its equivalent for women?

The Holy Qur’an keeps a high sense of modesty in addressing the sexual rewards of women in Paradise because clarification of such matters was and is beneath the dignity of a woman to seek, especially an Arab woman, and most especially an Arab woman of the Quraysh or the Ansar.

This does not mean that such rewards do not exist, on the contrary – Allah Most High is able to create them, plus He is Most Just and Equitable, plus He is the Most Generous of those who possess generosity! But out of tact, the “how” or “what” of this particular matter, is not broached.

A contemporary example of this sense of pudeur is that a father openly promises to fetch the best wife he can for his son – and hearing this makes the son happy -, but if he were to promise to fetch the best husband for his daughter he would hurt her feelings, as the girl does not ask but is asked – needless to say, in traditional society, not the wild West.

The least one should say is that Allah Most High is perfectly able to reward the men among the faithful with chaste maidens of great beauty in Paradise, just as explicited in the texts and without divestment of meaning; and Allah Most High is perfectly able to reward the women among the faithful with a perfect equivalent left unnamed out of regard for the greater modesty of women. No-one Allah rewards can be possibly disappointed. Then there are more rewards different than this, and greater yet different than the preceding, and higher yet, etc. and Allah is Most Knowing.


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