Why You Need Someone to Double-Check Your Translation

Don’t let this happen to you. The makers of this patch obviously don’t read Arabic. They got the word right, al-kafir, and it’s spelled right, but unfortunately at some point it was copied-and-pasted into an incompatible system and the letter order was reversed. So it essentially reads r-i-f-a-k-l-a. I’d also have left of the al-.

hacked up patch

If you’re wearing it to be funny, it couldn’t be funnier. But the military coloration makes me think it’s mean to be badass, so it probably shouldn’t make the Arabic reader giggle.

The photo is from eBay, where you can pick up one of these if you’re interested.



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4 responses to “Why You Need Someone to Double-Check Your Translation

  1. what a hoot. I can just imagine the scene: swaggering young man points to his patch and asks Arabic-speaking local: do you see what I am? only to find local looking at him sympathetically and replying: its okay. dyslexia is not your fault.

  2. Good one. :o) Thank you for commenting. I feel bad for the people buying these. I just hope nobody gets a tattoo like this.

  3. Anonymous

    now does it read this way right to left? Arabs read right to left, so looks like its correct to me

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