Abdul the Bulbul Ameer

Something I saw or read or heard today reminded me of a cartoon I used to see occasionally on afternoon cartoon shows after school when I was a child. I remember two crows at the beginning of the cartoon approaching each other from opposite directions and exchanging the greetings that I now know to be “Al-salam ‘alaykum,” and “W’alaykum al-salam.” Or maybe the crows were in a different cartoon, but nevertheless I remember the song about Abdul Abulbul Amir, also called Abdulla Bulbul Ameer and Abdul the Bulbul Ameer. To my great dismay, I can’t find it on YouTube, but I found a few sides with the lyrics and one of them also had a downloadable midi. Here’s what I found:
http://www.contemplator.com/ireland/abdul.html (the one with the sound file)
If somebody out there can tell me which cartoon collection, if any, has Abdul the Bulbul Ameer on it, I will be very grateful.
The actual name of the cartoon short is Abdul the Bulbul Ameer. They’re selling posters of it at various poster sites such as allposters. EBay also has it.



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8 responses to “Abdul the Bulbul Ameer

  1. paul

    i seen it on youtube . under m.g.m cartoons its spelled abdl bulbul ameer

  2. davidg

    I looked on YouTube and it is not there. Anyone else know where to find it?

  3. cartoonfan

    Here it is.

    crazy spelling, plus it was just put on recently.

  4. Hi, you say you’ve tried youtube, without succses, well i found it( abdul abulbul ameer cartoon) on youtube a while ago, and when i had trouble with my heard drive and had a new one, i lost it, and how i found it again took some perciverance, i tried putting in different spellings of both abdul and ivan, and eventualy it came up and i now have it on my favorits, so keep trying it is still there, best wishes ,,,john

  5. I am sure you will love 182 with confident I0P2ND06

  6. Anonymous

    Anyone find the English version by any chance?

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