Talasim, the Arab Answer to Engrish

If you’re familiar with Engrish.com, you know what I’m talking about. Engrish.com showcases Japanese advertisements and signage where they have used English just a little differently from how native speakers use it.
Talasim.com is similar, but it seems to cover more ground. Most of the signs are in Arabic, rather than English, and they include simple misspellings, situational humor, and a whole bunch of stuff that I just don’t get. I just found Talasim. com today while doing research for my next post, which is how I often find the best sites.
Talasim, itself, is a neat word I didn’t know before. طلاسم = cryptic characters.
Here’s one of the photos that I do understand:

I’m paraphrasing so that it doesn’t sound stilted: “I may be pleased by your surprise visit, but the dog may have a different opinion.” The smaller sign to the top right says “Beware vicious dog,” and the other small sign is covered up by the site logo.


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