I Would Like Fifty Million Dollars


The U.S. Senate has doubled the reward money for the capture or death of Osama bin Ladin.

The US Senate has voted 87-1 to double the reward for the death or capture of al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden to $50m.
The Senate vote comes amid warnings that al-Qaeda has rebuilt its capacity to mount attacks and is trying to insert agents into the US.

Make that fifty-one million, assuming Bruce Willis’s pledge of another million dollars is still in effect.
I’ve always said that I like my job and I wouldn’t quit if I won the lottery, but I’d quit for fifty million. I could buy two hundred houses just like mine with fifty million dollars. I could buy twenty-five hundred MINI Coopers with all the bells and whistles. Ten thousand Heifer gift arks from Heifer International.
I bring this up because several years ago I saw an interview with some Afghan or Pakistani tribesmen who were asked what they would buy with the reward money for Osama bin Ladin, back when it was a paltry twenty-five million. One of them cogitated and then said, “I don’t know…a car?”
If you’re in a position to rat out bin Ladin, you need to know what kind of money you’re in for.


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