Gay Arabic Translators

This morning I came across this blog posting:, an entertaining review of the movie Transformers, which touched on an issue I’ve brought up before. Here are the relevant passages:

Anyway, at some point the military guys end up in an Iraqi village, and they yell at some kid’s dad that they need a telephone, and he just points to it, so everybody in Iraq speaks English well enough, too. I think this just proves how stupid the Left is when they say things like, oh, but we should keep the Arabic translators, even if they do keep being gay. Clearly they just want to use the military as a social experiment to integrate the gays. Which is pointless because we don’t need them anyway. I mean, even the robots speak English.

I won’t ruin the movie for you, because you should totally go see it instead of giving your money to Michael Moore to see his stupid hypocritical movie (If he was really interested in health care, he’d lose weight!). But I want to tell you a few other really cool things about the movie. At some point the Secretary of Defense tells some weaselly guy who looks kind of Arabic to me that he should do what the military guys want because “Losing is not an option with these guys” or something like that, and the whole audience just cheered! So those polls about how Americans think we’re losing in Iraq, I don’t know who they’re polling, maybe they’re just calling up the offices of CounterPunch and The New York Times or something. Because where I was sitting in that theater, everybody thinks we have no choice but to win!

I’ve never visited that blog before, but it’s pretty clear that the movie review was tongue-in-cheek, or sarcastic, or whatever the appropriate term is.

And on a completely unrelated note, ˙ɥƃnoɥʇ ‘ɔıqɐɹɐ ɹoɟ ʞɹoʍ ʇ,usǝop ˙noʎ ɹoɟ ƃuıdʎʇ ɹnoʎ dılɟ llıʍ ǝʇıs sıɥʇ ˙ʇɐǝu ʎʇʇǝɹd sı sıɥʇ :


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