U.S. House of Reps Votes to Deny Aid to Saudi Arabia



WASHINGTON (AFP) – The US House of Representatives has voted to deny all aid to Saudi Arabia, despite repeated assurances by the Bush administration that the desert kingdom is cooperating in its “war on terror.”

Similar measures on aid to Saudi Arabia have been passed before by the House. But the current one goes a step further by closing a legislative loophole that in the past had allowed the administration of President George W. Bush to waive these bans by invoking requirements of its war on terror.

“By cutting off aid and closing the loophole we send a clear message to the Saudi Arabian government that they must be a true ally in advancing peace in the Middle East,” the congressman said.

The sponsors of the measure also accused the Saudi government of undermining US military efforts in Iraq by making “no official move” to stop about 3,000 Saudis allegedly fighting US troops in the country.

As many as 61 percent of all suicide bombers in Iraq are of Saudi Arabian descent, they claimed.

The lawmakers also argued that Saudi clerics continued to preach hate towards the United States, Israel and their allies.


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