Camel Spider Facts

Camel Spider
I stumbled upon this informative web site all about the camel spider: The Urban Legends Reference Page,, also tackled the story of the camel spider. Here’s something I didn’t know: camel spiders also live in the south-west United States and in Mexico.
I apologize to those of you who are creeped out by photos of spiders. Rest assured, these fellows aren’t as big as this photo makes them appear. Oh yeah, and they aren’t really spiders. So you see, nothing to be creeped out by.



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3 responses to “Camel Spider Facts

  1. Roy

    I’m glad you included the link for that camel spider information. Poisonous or not, I’ll run like hell if I ever see one!

  2. times

    How fast do they run? And if there not a spider what are they?

  3. Salim Yusuf

    They are related to spiders, but are not true spiders. They do not inject venom and acid into prey and then drink it’s liquified flesh as true spiders do. Camel spiders eat their prey, the normal way. They do not have poison fangs.

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