Squee! Cute animals from the Arab world

Fennec KitFennec Fox kit
>Fennec FoxFennec Fox
Caracal Caracal lynx


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47 responses to “Squee! Cute animals from the Arab world

  1. 3mr (3 means A!)

    you will find animals in the arab world as much as we count the arab population minus 2 (me and you 😛 )

  2. victoria

    awww these pics are so cute my dad said that he had a fennec fox when he was growing up!!
    Have a good day

  3. Thank you for your comment, فيكتوريا

  4. Quinny

    Omgsh, they are just the cutest. :]

    the Caracal looks like a regular house-cat, but meaner, and a lot bigger and with the fur on its ears is just gorgeous. :]

  5. Google has the Fennec indexed as a Caracal

  6. El caracal es muy hermoso aunque es raro
    sus orejas largas … es como una liga de gato con puma y tigre…je,je,je,je

  7. Shailee

    (sorry) 🙂

  8. triztan

    ssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooo cute

  9. Anonymous


  10. Thank you to everyone for posting comments. Happy New Year!

  11. zeeknerdz

    the BIG kitty freeks me out

  12. hey all my peeps, the big cat rox, the small thing is kinda awkward O_o and what is it???

    it lookz kinda foxy/catty <– :D!

  13. chichi XD

    this is the cutest in arab pets i have ever seen!!!!!

  14. Marhaba Snarla, mabruk for your blog! Just a question, is the caracal picture from Jordan? I`m looking for the one of the Jordan region.

    Thank you,


  15. Carlos, I wish I could help you. I just found the photos on the Internet. Good luck.

    • jalal

      Hi everybody! The picture of the fennec fox (or the desert fox) is from Algeria, we find it in the sahara, we can find also the lynx here, but the fennec fox is tipical to Algeria. The Algeria’a football team is called the Fennecs, Tunisia the Eagles of Carthage and Cameroon the Lions. You should come to visit Algeria.

  16. the fennec fox looks like a chiwhowha (idk how to spell it)

  17. Chihuahua. :o)
    Thanks for commenting.

  18. Anonymous

    omg they are both hella cute even though i hav nooo fricken idea what the little thing is.

  19. Charli-B

    I’m doing a geography assignment. Can you tell me when this site was last updated? Soz, but otherwise me geo. teacher will freak.
    [that’s teachers for you! :)]

  20. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cc

  21. Pamela Adams

    The caracal looks like a cougar with tufts. I understand they make great house pets.

  22. kiki

    your site has a lot of cute and adorable creatures. some i wish were my pets, but there not…:( oh well , kewl animals

  23. Ruby

    i think this is really really really cute! love em

  24. Kyla

    AWwWwW, Too cute,
    It looks like a pom though not soo much a Chihuahua…

  25. Love John

    That is so adorable!!!!!! AWWWWWWZZZZZZ

  26. Hailey Jonas

    adorable animals. the lynx captivates me! now i want to do my school project on it!

  27. i think that those animals r cuter then anyone on the earth

  28. Anonymous

    it looks like a pokemon

  29. Skunk FOX

    I have a Fennec Fox and there’s nothing as valuable as him

  30. Le Fennec La,, Ses Mon Animal Préférée. x)
    Parcee quue ses Le Pluusss Beauu. =D (L)

  31. yasmin

    OMG, they are SO cute! i luv the fennec fox kit…im doing a report about them. im printing out one of the pics.

  32. love ya

    im getting one so hahaha! : )

  33. sohaib

    fennec the algerian fox…….so cute

  34. it’s verry cute are the fennec
    i love animal!!!

  35. peter parker

    they are so adorable
    ive sent all my friends the
    fennec fox picture
    they rock

  36. these animals are gorgeous! btw im getting married to the pointy eared lynx next weekend! im soooooo excited! your all invited it will be located in the sahara desert xoxo-crazy lady 🙂

  37. Congratulations and best wishes, prince shabalobadingdong!

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  39. Anonymous

    they suck ewwwww

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