Sponsor an Arabic bus poster

PosterIs Arabic a terrorist language? Apparently lots of Americans think so. They may not know that it is the number five most-spoken language on the planet, spoken in 24 countries by 186 million people, including several million Christians.
The Virginia Interfaith Center started a campaign last November in which they bought advertising space inside buses and put up posters in Arabic. Here is their site and picture of one of the posters: http://www.rethinkbias.org/.
The campaign is still running, and you can sponsor a poster for $10 per bus per month. At the link I just posted you can visit their feedback section and read some of the comments they’ve gotten from the public since they started the campaign, and they are eye-opening comments.

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One response to “Sponsor an Arabic bus poster

  1. Jennifer

    Dreaming in Arabic (http://free-online-novels.com/Dreaming%20in%20Arabic.pdf)

    Description: How I fell in love with a language, discovered a forgotten king and realized my part in a historical injustice that carries on today.

    In my opinion, Arabic is a beautiful language.

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