Fulla, the modest Muslim doll

Fulla is the Islamic answer to Barbie, being less comically endowed and not quite as heavily made up. She wears kicky, western-style clothing under her proper black abaya. You can find her on eBay if you just can’t resist owning her yourself.
I’m really curious as to whether her feet are misshapen atrocities like Barbie’s or if they’re molded in a more natural position. An article written in 2005 said that they were soon to come out with a Doctor Fulla and a Teacher Fulla version, but I haven’t seen any sight of either of those on the Internet.Fulla in abaya, in boxFulla in western clothing>


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4 responses to “Fulla, the modest Muslim doll

  1. Reem

    I have already bought Fulla Teacher and it is available in the market place. I am not sure if it is available on the internet.

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