Toe-tapping Arabic music

On the album Arabic Jukebox, which I bought on Amazon, I found a song I just can’t get enough of. It’s called “The Apple,” (or التفاح ) by Iraqi folksinger Ilham al Madfai. Too bad he’s rather obscure in the West, because it’s hard to find any of his music on the web. This site has quite a few of his songs, which you can download or just listen to. I prefer to just listen, as I’m not sure of the legality of downloading. Plus, I’d just as soon he made some money off my enjoyment of his music. If you don’t read Arabic, it’s the seventeenth one down the list and if you click the middle column, you can listen to it on RealPlayer or whatever you use for listening to music.
I’ve played this for people who have had little or no exposure to Arabic music before, and they enjoyed it.


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